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LINKS to TEAM Web Pages
  1. Comments on writing in Week 1: good explanations, mostly good coherence; recurring problems: TNS, RUN-ONS, PR, ART
  2. Quizlet LIVE (4 rounds -- 30 min.) -- Online Stopwatch
  3. QUIZLET test (10 min.)
  4. Research findings on questions from the Civil War presentations 
  5. TEAMS for Week 3 -- link to Google Drive Folder:
    • TEAM 1: Daniela/Subaru
    • TEAM 2: Juan/Rui
    • TEAM 3: Sachi/Mathieu/Maria Alejandra
    • TEAM 4: Vincent/Eliana
    • TEAM 5: Nicolas/Masaya 

READINGs: Rosa ParksRosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and The Civil Rights Movement

  1. Reading 1: Rosa Parks
  2. All read and annotate "Introduction;" summary to class (10 min.)
  3. Reading, annotating, and summarizing in teams (10 min.
    • TEAM 1: Rosa Parks' Early Life
    • TEAM 2: Rosa Parks: Roots of Activism
    • TEAM 3: December 1, 1955: Rosa Parks' Arrest
    • TEAM 4: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
    • TEAM 5: Rosa Parks: After the Boycott 
  4. Jigsaw Activity:
    • 1 small inside circle with 1 partner from team
    • 1 large outside circle with the other partner from the team
    • Partners face each other. 
    • Rotate one person to the right. Take turns sharing your summary of the information. (2 min./turn).
    • The inside circle rotates to the right. (total 4 turns).--10 min.
  5. In one sentence, summarize a key point that you learned. 

Additional resources on Christine's web page: http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/IEP/content/US_History/civ_rights.htm     

    • Revise the Essay Answers from Week 1 (both the team response and individual response)--see the link to the Teams' Week 1 Writing documents
    • Incorporate all suggestions for improved content and coherence and corrections for grammar, vocabulary, punctuation. 
  2. Watch the movie "The Rosa Parks Story" Full Movie (~ 1 hr 20 min.). It touches on a lot of themes that can be connected from the unit on the Civil War and slavery to the civil rights movement which I think will be helpful for the students to see how the two subjects are intertwined.  
  3. Write a summary about the movie following the prompts in the Google Doc provided here: 
  4. Read Rosa Parks and Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott carefully.
    Highlight topic sentences; annotate/outline main points in the margin. Highlight discourse markers. Highlight essential new vocabulary. 

Week 3 TEAM FOLDER on Google Drive

The Traveler (answers)  

  1. Research findings on questions from the Civil War presentations (15 min.)
  2. Connections: Civil War/13th, 14th, 15th Amendment - The Civil Rights Movement 
    • TEAMS: With your partner, write three (3) issues on the board that connect the Civil War (1861-65) and the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments to the Civil Rights Movement (1950s - 1965). What remained unresolved? What needed to be addressed?
  3. Review of the Reading "Rosa Parks": Summaries from the teams, Q&A (20 min.)
  4. Vocabulary-in-context: ALL -- Introduction (part of speech, definition/explanation/synonym) (15 min.)
    • initiate
    • segregation laws
    • unconstitutional
    • end entrenched racial segregation 
    • other words? 
  5. Vocabulary-in-Context: TEAMS (20 min.)
    • With your partner, explore another section of the reading.
    • Vocabulary: Identify the part of speech (word form) of the words in the Google doc.  
    • From context, find explanations or synonyms of essential, new words. 
    • If you cannot figure out the meaning of the word from context or word analysis, use the Longman Dictionary Online or the Cambridge Dictionary. 
  1. Second draft of the Week 1 Essay Question Answer: Revise and correct your team essay answer from Week 1 in the Google doc. This will be a second draft and a second grade. Your first grade will contribute 60%, the second grade 40% toward the final assignment grade, so incorporate all suggested revisions and corrections.
  2. Team Summaries: As a team, write a brief, five-sentence (maximum) summary of your section of the Rosa Parks text. Incorporate some of the vocabulary you have learned. PROOFREAD for content and errors. 
  3. Read The Civil Rights Movement carefully.
Link to Teams' Writing page 


Revisions due of essay answers from Week 1 (Google doc)

  1. Team Summaries of Reading 1 
  2. READING 2Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott (20 min.)
    • TEAMS: Skim the reading. Figure out the vocabulary from context:  
    • Discuss new points learned.  
    1.  RUN-ON SENTENCE REVIEW -- Grammar-Quizzes.com 


  1. Construct a QUIZLET for the words in the Vocabulary-in-context document. Log in, find your name, then add a definition and an example for the same meaning as in the text. If possible, use the corpus for the example sentence.
    PASSWORD: smciep
  2. Review run-on sentences for a TEST. If you need more practice to fix run-on sentences, see #3 in Class Work on the left. 
  1. Questions about Run-on Sentence fixes? See QUIZ: Practice 2  
  2. TEST on Run-On Sentences (10 min.Online Stopwatch 
  3. READING 3: The Civil Rights Movement -- review/questions
  4. Expansion of the topic: With your team member, choose one of the DOCUMENTS (left column) on Christine's web page: http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/IEP/content/US_History/civ_rights.htm    
    • Skim the information. (15 min.)
    • Give a short summary to the class. 

  1. Review the vocabulary in QUIZLET for a test. Use all 7 functions to practice. Play the fun MATCH and GRAVITY games to review.

9:00 Group Lesson -- presentation of Living Portraits 

Quizlet LIVE

Quizlet TEST 

Course Evaluations

GRAMMAR -- review 
  1. ARTICLES (cont'd) -- 30 min.
Thank you for a good class! I wish you all the best and hope to see you on Facebook and maybe in Bogota, Tokyo, or Quebec!  
GRADUATION, Gimnasio Vermont    



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