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Instructions for Peer Reviewing


Important notes: You will be reviewing your classmate's essay for coherence, not grammar.  If you don't understand a passage, put a snake line under it and add a question mark above the phrase/sentence.  You may add suggestions in the margin, e.g. "add an indentation," "add a keyword for the topic,", etc.


  1. Mark the thesis statement in a font color and bold it.
  2. Highlight the TOPIC, the CONTROLLING IDEA, ASPECT 1, ASPECT 2, and ASPECT 3 in the thesis statement in different colors.
  3. Highlight keywords in the introductory paragraph in the corresponding colors.
  4. Mark the topic sentences in the same font color as the thesis statement and bold them.
  5. In each paragraph, highlight the keywords in the same colors as in #2.  Keywords can take the form of nouns, pronouns, synonyms, or reference words (this, that, these, those)
  6. Highlight discourse markers in a different color
  7. Please review the in-text citations and references for format (punctuation, capitalization, spacing, and italics). 
At the bottom of the essay, write "Reviewed by: ________" and write your name. Then write a comment about the essay regarding coherence.  Make 2-3 specific suggestions as to how the essay could be improved. 

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