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Bios, photos--students

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Hi students,

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Thank you.




Please put your name and a short paragraph about yourself.  Tell us where you are from, your age (if you like), your city/town, education, your family, your hobbies, interests, and future plans. 


To write in the Wiki, please click the EDIT tab (top).  Upload a picture of yourself to Images and Files (right side tab); then click the link to the photo where you want to put it (PHOTO box).  Resize the picture so that it doesn't take up much space.  Check to make sure you haven't deleted anyone's work.  Then click SAVE (bttom).


Click here for the link to Cohort 5 of the Undergraduate English Language Study Program (UIELSP) January 11 - March 5, 2010: Students from CENTRAL AMERICA 2 -- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Intensive English Program students from other countries 



October 26 - December 18, 2009: Students from CENTRAL AMERICA -- Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama


Dimara Santamaría 


My name is Dimara Santamaría and I am 23 years old.  I am from Panama and I am very happy because I will be studying

at The Saint Michael´s College for 8 weeks.  At present I am studying in an associate program in English to be an English teacher. I live with my parents and I have three sisters and one brother. I have a beautiful family and supportive parents. 

My hobbies are listening to music, surfing the net and playing soccer. I would like to learn many languages and work with children from kindergarden because I already have the experience. In my trip to Vermont I would like to meet many friends from different cultures and to improve my English skills. 

  Welcome to the group, Dimara.  We are looking forward to meeting you soon! Please scroll to the bottom to see comments from previous Panamanians in the program.  Maybe you know some of them? (Christine) 

Erick Sobalvarro 

Hello, my name is Erick Sobalbarro, I’m 21 years old. I’m from Nicaragua. I live with my parents and my three little brothers. I study at UCA in Managua and my major is Business Administration. My hobbies are read, listen to music and go to the movies. My goals with this program are improving my English and know more about other countries. I hope we will have fun during the time we spend together. J J J


Maria Jose Galvez


Hi Everybody!!!



My name is Maria José Galvez. I am 20 years old and

proud to say that I’m from HONDURAS. My major is

International Affairs.

I will be at SMC for 8 weeks, so far I am

enjoying  the experience.

I’m a really outgoing person, I like to make

Friends and see everybody with a smile J

I hope to establish a friendship with everyone.



Nice meeting you!!! J



Maria José J

Jaquelin Flores

Hi everybody J



My name is Jaquelin Elena Flores Perez. I am 22 years old.

 I am from El Salvador and I live in San Salvador the capitol,

specifically in San Marcos city. I have 2 brothers and

I am the only girl in my family. I live with them and with

my mom as well. I studied English Teaching as a Second Language,

that is, I am about to become an English teacher.



I like listening to music and watching movies in English.

Moreover, I enjoy surfing the net and learning new words in any

language. Also, I like to collect money from different countries.

My future plans are continue my major and keep on learning English.

I like making friends, too.

Gabriela Melgar 




My name is Gabriela Melgar. I am from El Salvador. I was born on February 10th. I am 18 years old I study Business and Economics.

I like to listen to music, read books, exercise and watch movies!

I am so happy because I am here in Vermont! Especially in SMC!

In these 8 weeks I want to improve my English Language Skill. And I want to try different things.

Maria Laura Monge Solano 

My name is Maria Laura and I’m 19 years old. I’m from Costa Rica and I am studying business administration at the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica. I have 3 brothers and one of them is my twin.



I am sport’s fanatic, I love practicing sports and actually I am part of the team of aerobics at college and my hobbies are listening music, dancing, cooking and I would like to study for chef one day.



Actually I am studying English at Saint Michael’s college and I hope to improve my English besides challenging my self and knowing new people because I am friendly and I love to help other people.

Clara Gonzalez

Hi everybody!



I am Clara Gonzalez from Panama, I’m 23 years old and I study Port & Maritime Operations, I selected this major because in Panama we have an interesting Maritime Industry, with The Panama Canal, different ports, ship agencies, and others maritime’s companies. I would like to specialist in ship inspector.  I like my major, and I need speak English, I’m sure that during my experience in Vermont I will improve my English, additional I will know new friends.


Clara Gonzalez

Fernando Flores 

Hello!!! J my name is Fernando Favio Flores Fiallos and I am 19 years old.  I am from Honduras and I am happy to study at St. Michael’s College.  At the present, I am studying the English program to become an English teacher in my country and later to move on to my master.  I have three sisters and including me, we are three brothers so we are six siblings in total.  My hobbies are to play soccer, play my guitar.  In my trip to St. Michael’s I hope to meet new people and to improve my English Skill to become a better English teacher.



Marlyn Martinez 

Hi!!!!!! My name is Marlyn Leticia Martinez Cervantes.  I’m from Morales, Izabal; that’s near the Atlantic Coast of Guatemala, in Central America. I’m 21 years old, and I’m studying International Business.  I’m really excited of being here at St. Michael’s College!!!!! It’s been great so far!!!!!! Well, I come from a small family; it’s just my parents, my younger brother and I. My brother is 17, and I love him very much; we are fighting most of the time, but the truth is that we love each other, and it’s very hard for us to be apart.



I really like being here, because I’m meeting people from different countries, making new friends, and at the same time I’m learning a lot. It’s a new experience, not only because of the cultural exchange, but also because of the weather.



Nice to meet you!!!!!!!




Stilwell A. Arauz Sequeira S. 

Hello everybody!  I am Stilwell Andres Arauz S.  I am majoring in “Teaching English as Foreign Language” at Universidad Centroamericana located in Managua, Nicaragua.  It is so nice to be at Saint Michael’s College.

Maybe I am not the person who I should be, but I am who I am.  I like doing beautiful but simple things.  My interests might sound funny or strange.  I do not spend my time on sports.  I do not like eating chicken meat.  I like listening to music, especially classical one in English, of course.  I do like to save money.  I like meeting new people from different countries or cultures.  I have come to the U.S.A to improve my English skills so I can be an excellent future professional.


Brian Meléndez

El Salvador

Hello everyone.

My name is Brian Melendez. I live in La Libertad, El Salvador. It is an amazed place where can be practiced surfing.

My major is Economics and Business. I really enjoy it. I think it could be my hobby too. In addition, I like to read books that involved historical and social problems.

 I would like to study my Master Degree in International Business Administration in Spain or Master degree in Marketing with emphasis in consumer behavior. Moreover, I love to know cultures and tradition from the different countries, so it makes me feel attracted by languages, the most efficient way to communicate ideas.

I’m really proud of me to be in St. Mike’s. I think this College is a dream and a kind of heaven on earth. I know that this will be one of the most important experiences in my life.



Brian Melendez



<a href="/http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r168/brianmelendez/?action=view&current=Elsy263-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r168/brianmelendez/Elsy263-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Else's photo"></a>


Masamichi Arai


Hey everyone


My name is Masamichi Arai, and I am 18 years old. I am from Japan which part of Asia. My home town is Osaka that is Westside in Japan. I graduated from rice memorial high school in Vermont. My hobbies are playing game, listening music, and surfing the net.

I hope enjoy your life, and nice to meet you!!

Gabriela Brenes 

Hi! My name is Gabriela Brenes, I’m 19 years old and I came from Cartago, Costa Rica. Right now I’m a freshman at nursing at the Universidad of Costa Rica. To describe my self I’ll say that I’m a really out going person that loves to meet every type of people and also kind of a sports addict!!

My hobbies are of course the ballet, listening to music and shopping! I’m really happy to be at Saint Mikes and also I hope to learn a lot to improve my English, visit diferent places and make many many friends!

Mauro Duran  

I’m from Cartago, Costa Rica and my name is Mauro. Back home my major is Business Administration. I have two sisters and one brother. I like to play soccer, hang out with friends and cook different dishes. My favorite music is reggae roots and I love the reggae concerts. I’m enjoying this new experience and will love to meet new people.

Armando Favian Romero 

Hi! My name is Armando. I am 20 years old. I study medicine in my beautiful country: Honduras. Now I am here at St. Michael´s College for two months, living this amazing experience.

I like reading, going to the movies, swimming, and learning about other cultures. I like traveling too. I enjoy being involved in different kind of activities, meeting people and learning. I think that I am frequently outgoing, and I always try to be sincere. I live with my mother and with my two sisters, I love them. They are incredible. In a future I want to be a Neurologist or a Neurosurgeon.

I want to know you that if I can help you, here I am!

Brigitte Lepage 



I’m Brigitte Lepage.   I come from Canada and I’m the oldest student of my classes, I’m 45 years old.  When I did my registration I knew I will study with young people.  I was not sure if it will be a good mixed, but I still decided to come to St-Michael College.  Today, I can say it was a good choice.  All of you are very nice and it’s a pleasure to study with you. 


I’m in Burlington for one year with my family.  I have 3 daughters.  The oldest works in Montreal in audiology and the two others studied at the middle et high school in South Burlington.

Juan Carlos Caldera 



My name is Juan Carlos Caldera and I’m 21 years old. I’m

 from Leon, Nicaragua.  I’m participating in an Intensive

English Course at Saint MichaelCollege. I have one

sister and no brothers, she is older than me. I like to read

 books, listen music and chat using msn. Some of my goals

are get graduated, get married, and find a good job.

I don’t like to think too much on the future , because

the future rely on what we do in the present.


August 24 - October 16, 2009: Students from HAITI & the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC



Tatiana Augustin 

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Tatiana. I am 21 years old, 22 in a couple of day. I was born in Port-au-Prince The capital of Haiti. I am studying Business Administration. I am the older of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I live with my family especially my mother my dad is dead along time ago.


I am a Shine person,  respectful, the Vermont weather going to be a new experience for me. At first I can be very shy depend on the situation. I am a very cool person. I love dancing an d I am a dancer ballet folklore , jazz et. I like music a lot watching music video channels during a day. I like being in touch with people in other culture an I swear some of you going to show me some step move. I like reading a lot it’s the first thing I did when I wake a up in the morning. 

This program going to help me with my English and in my study program a lot. 

I am looking forward to go meeting all of you soon. 

Augustin Tatiana P


Tatiana, we can't wait to get to know you.  Reading is very important for developing language skills, so I hope you read in English, too.  We're ready to have you show us some dance moves! 


Jonas Attilus

HI everyone, my name is Jonas Attilus, I am 22 years old, I was born in jeremie and I live in port-au-prince, the capital of Haiti, I am the 2nd among four brothers and I don’t have sister.

I’m a 4th year medecine student at the state university of Haiti (UEH ), I want to be a medical researching pathologist or an oncologist.


I am also an non professional graphic designer I work as volunteer for the journal of my faculty and for my toastmasters club where i am the vice president of membership ( http://www.amethyst.ehaiti.net/members_of_the_committee.html )


I spend my time by reading books about success and self confidence from great inspirational writers or about the life of successful man because I want to be a success.

 I like to use my leadeship skills, my critical thinking and my creativity to evaluate and improve myself when facing to any kind of difficulty. Sometimes I listen to music or watch TV and they need to be about inspirational subject, social life or medical documentary

 I like enjoy working with the young people, public speaking ,community service i'm a new member of rotaract of port-au-prince

 I’m so cool, not shy, a remarkable student,a go-getter too.I believe in teamwork (TEAM-Together Everyone Achieve More ) .As an evolving being, I’m in vermont to improve the more I can myself .Let’s do it together because Together we can dream and achieve the impossible!!!

Fabrice Chikel 

Hi     my name is Fabrice Chikel I am 23 years old and from Port au Prince, Haiti,a vey hot place.I have an un-identical twin sister;we both first child of our mom and dad ,besides I have another brother and sister I have studied languages (Creole, French, English and Spanish at Quisqueya University in my country. I had my first work experience at school N.C.B. in P.Au .P  as secondary school supervisor and teacher substitute.

I am very respectfull, I’ ve St Michael’ people very helpful and respectfull as well.


And would strongly advice anyone to visit St Michael .


Respectfully yours Fabrice. 


Alexander Coulombe  

Hi everyone,

My name is Alexander Coulombe and I am nineteen years old. I am from Canada, Quebec City and I came to Saint-Michael’s college to learn my English during four months. After that, I would like to continue to study at university in United States probably at the Vermont University in a business program. In my free time, I like to play sports most specifically the hockey during the winter and the tennis during the summer. I hope that I will have the chance to meet all of you.


Berthony SIMEON 

Dear readers,

I'm Berthony from Port-au-prince Haiti.I was born on January 5th 1984.I'm a junior student in languages ( English and Spanish). I also have  Licence in French. I wish to achieve at least a Master's degree in TESOL or TESL, and also studying translation English into French and vice versa. As hobby I like reading, watching T.V and going to places.

I'm a friendly person. I'm culturaly sensitive and tolerant so i' like making friends. I believe through  this program at St Michael College I'll find the best place to meet new people and to make friends.  

   Since now i can tell that  i'm about to have a great time here at St Michael College. It is the most beautiful place i have ever visited, to me it's a paradise on earth!!!

William Garneau 

Hello everyone!

My name is William Garneau, I’m nineteen years old.  I come from Quebec City, Canada.  I’m in Saint Michael’s for four months  to learn English because I would like to go to Vermont University next year in the business program.  I’m an ex-bicycle racer and I went to South Africa last year for world championship.  I love to do sports and I’m a very friendly guys so don’t hesitate to talk with me!

I hope we will have fun during this semester with all of us!



Melissa Kirouac 

Hello everyone!

My name is Melissa Kirouac.  I’m from Canada, specifically Quebec City.  I just finished my Cegep and next year, I will study in business administration at university.  I like to ski during the winter, I like to play basketball and I like to watch movies.

I hope I’ll have the chance to know all of you better!


                 Hi ,


          My name is Ralph Jerry Rémy, I come from Haiti particularly at Croix-des-bouquets the city where  Wyclef Jean was born. 

I'm twenty four years old.

          I have studied as Major field Economy and as minor field Accounting. Right now, i'm a trainee at ENAF where i am studying public administration. In December 2009, I will be a civil servant at the Ministry of Economy and Finance of my country.

          In my free time, i do adore listen to music, watch TV and talk to my friend.

          I'm here just for improve my english and to meet also to learn the american culture so if you have any funny experience to share, I'm always wiling to.


Régine Minoce 

Hi everyone,

My name is Régine Minoce, a caribbean girl from Haiti. I have two fields of study: Accounting and public administration.Once, I come back to my country, i will be  hired by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) as a public servant. That's to say , i will get a stable job and the opportunity to make my country benefit from my skills and my vitality.

By nature, i am a reserved person who like people who is funny, courageous ,smart, and who has open mind. Unfortunately, i am quite shy , so it's very difficult for me to approach people, to make new friends.

I am at SMC three days ago,I can already say that i will really enjoy this place, people here are very friendly. I appreciate that!


Chhiro Akimoto 


Hi, Eveyone!

My name is Chihiro. Please call me Chihiro.

I'm from Japan. I'm 19 years old and sophomore at school.

I major in Education because I want to be an elementary school teacher.

I love children very much. I volunteered in elementary school near my house once in a time.

That is the most happiest time in my life.

I want to make a lot of friend at Saint Michael's College. I want to talk with some cultures.

Japan have a lot of traditional culture too. There are good and beautiful things so maybe you will like it.

If you come Japan, I will welcome to you.  

  hi every one!     
Fatima Augustin 


My name is Fatima, I am 20 years old, I live in Port-au-prince the capital of Haiti where I was born, I have two brothers and two sisters I am the second child in my family. My birthday is on April 6th and I am studying Business Administration in the University of Notre Dame d’Haiti. I am a sophomore I will be a junior soon, until I come back to my country.

I am respectful; I don’t like people who don’t respect the intimate of other. I am a responsible, generous and helpful girl. I like to dance, play football my favorite team is Brazil, painting I bring my stuffs to paint and I will be glad to do something for Saint Michael’s College. In my free time I like to read and paint. The weather of Vermont will be probably kill me until I leave but I appreciate the people and my teachers

stephanie thomas 

My name is Stephanie Thomas. I was born in Haiti the 11th of September 1986. So I’ll  

Pass my birthday in Saint Michael College. I was born in the capital of Haiti. Its name is Port au Prince. I have studied there all my life. From PRE.K to University. Now I am in college and I’ am studying languages and translation and I have a diploma in hotel management. I plain to have a master in business management or in marketing. I would like to have my master in a great country like the United States of America or Canada or in Europe were I know the education is good. Maybe I can apply at Saint Michael College.

Out of my academic experience, I like drawing, swimming, play basket ball, badminton and going out with my friends, like going in parties.

 My favorite music style is Compas music. It’s the music of my country. I like jazz also and other kinds of music like RNB.

In my family I have only one sister. She’s my older sister and I like her a lot. It’s thanks to her that I have found this scholarship. She found it on the internet and sent it to me.

Now I am in Saint Michael University in the Academic Linguistic Program and  I like it a lot.

I hope to become a good management in my life, willing to help people and I know I already have success in my life because I believe in God.

Thank you.

Pierre Gandy DORIVAL 

Funny, very very cool, cooperative and"go-getter", those are some fundamentals personal characteristics of this slim guy come from Haiti. I love playing basket-ball, listening to musics and shopping.

I am about to prepare my thesis( factors of the use of modern contraceptive methods in Haiti) so that i can have my bachelor degree in Statistics. I plan to have a master in Statistics in the US. I worked while I am a freshman at UEH(State University of Haiti) in Modern Languages.

The UIELSP cost me my job because i had to make a choice between my job and this program. And what i've come to confirm again, it is one of the best choice that i could ever made in my life. SMC is like living a life with no pain and living in a world where all the nations have harmonious relationship.

I am here at SMC not only for learning English but also to make friends, learn about other cultures and represent haiti the best as i can.



MARCH 23 - MAY 16, 2009: Students from URUGUAY & VENEZUELA


María Gabriela Bracho (Gaby)


Hi everyone! My name is María Gabriela, but everybody calls me Gaby. I am from Venezuela and I´m twenty years old. I live in the hottest state of the country (Zulia), so it´s going to be pretty cool to experience the cold weather! I´m a friendly, talkative person who likes to do a lot of things, so it´s easy for me to get along with people with different interests. I love listening to music, going to the movies and spending time with my family and friends. I´m studying medicine and I like helping people. I´m really looking forward to go there and have an amazing time. So, I guess I´ll see you soon.

Nice to meet you, Gaby.  You are the same age as my daughter, who is studying biology to become a doctor.  The cool weather will be great, and the students that went back to Panama and Nicaragua miss it!






Andrea Machin (Venezuela)

Hello Everyone! My name is Andrea Machin, I´m from Venezuela. I was born in Caracas, the Capital of the country. I´m twenty one years old. I study Production Engineering. I consider myself a generous, active, friendly and responsible, always striving to achieve my goals and objectives.


 I love my Family.  I love dancing (I´m a jazz dancer), listening to music, going out with my friends and my family, reading and I like to practice sports. I like to know new people, I love understanding all kings of cultures and learning others languages. So I´m sure that I will have a great experience!  I really look forward to meeting you all soon!


Hi Andrea! You're a jazz dancer and a production engineer--what an interesting combination.  I'm sure you will have a good time at Saint Mike's.   


Andrea Sánchez (Maracaibo, Venezuela) 

Hey! My name is Andrea and I'm 20 years old, I was born and raised in the city Maracaibo,nicknamed as The Beloved Land of the Sun,  located at the north-west of Venezuela. Maracaibo is one of the cities of Venezuela, where the highest temperatures are registered, so Vermont's weather is gonna be a totally new  experience for me and Gaby, Miguel and Lucia (other participants that live in Maracaibo too).


I'm the youngest of three lovely sisters. Since I was little I wanted to be an engineer, that's why right now I'm studying Chemical Engineering and doing my Interns in Pepsi- Cola Venezuela. I love to do lots of stuff like: travel, listen to music, watch movies and TV, cook, meet new people, hang out with my  friends,shop,practice outdoor sports like basketball, soccer,  jog in a park. I consider myself an outgoing person, respectful, honest, straightforward, and good friend.


I just can't wait to arrive to st. Michael's College to start the Intensive english program and also to have the opportunity to live 8 weeks sharing  different interests and cultures with new people.

I'm sure we’ll have an awesome experience! <3

Only a few days remaining guyss!!


ps: picture of me at an oil plataform in Maracaibo Lake































Two Andreas from Venezuela--this will get confusing!  And both of you are engineers, which is even more surprising.  You have an interesting internship with Pepsi.  I will try to find a family that enjoys outdoor sports like you do.


Jean Pierre Toro (Caracas- Venezuela)

Hi everyone!, my name is Jean Pierre Toro and i´m 25 years old. I was born and raised in Caracas. I Study advertising. I consider myself an outgoing person, i like to be among other people having a good time. I always try to stay in a good mood.  I´m looking for new experiences everytime and i belive that going to Vermont,  meet other people  and differents cultures is such a big experience!!. I like sports soccer, baseball, football, even when i don´t practice any in the current timem, but try to keep in a good shape by doing excersises and a little of work out.

 I love doing magic, i´ve been practicing this art for almost 7 years, and is one of the most beautifull en exciting things i´ve ever seen. Hopefully, we´ll enjoy a little bit of this up there in Vermont ;). this is a teaser from the Caracas street magic documentary "Brujeao" (Bewitched). Hope you like it.


See you soon guys!

I guess we need to get ready for some magic tricks from Jean Pierre!  How did you get your very French first name? 








Miguel Mantilla

Greetings to everyone, I'm Miguel Mantilla from Maracaibo, I'm 21 years old and I'm looking forward to my 8 weeks stay in Vermont . I study Medicine in LUZ (Zulia University) which is also in Maracaibo, and I'm already starting my interns in the Hospitals. I can be very shy at first but once you get to know me you will see that I'm going to be a very nice person to hang out with.


I like to listen to music, go to the movies, watch tv (I'm a LOST fan) or just hang out with my firends. I also practice whole kind of sports, mostly soccer and basketball but also some others like ping pong or chess. In my spare time I play guitar and drums for a hobby, in fact, I belong to a band called the Blue Volkswagen in wich I play the rhythm guitar.


Hopefully we can have great moments in all this time we are going to share, I hope to have the chance to get to know the culture of Vermont and his people and take the best from it. I'll see you soon.


Wow, Miguel.  I can tell you're ready to go!  I am also a fan of LOST, although I'm often lost since I don't have time to watch it regularly.


I love the name of your band!  If you check out my background, you will see that I am a native German ...


We've got a good program planned for you to experience the culture of Vermont and the U.S. Can't wait to meet you! 


Eskeila Guerra

Hi... Im Eskeila from Venezuela. Im 19 years old and I was born in La Isla de Margarita, but right now in living in Caracas. I study political science in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) and Im in the 6º semester, thats why Im living in the capital. 

I love to learn and get to know new things, thats one of the reasons that made me participated in this program. I specially enjoy to learn new languages, and besides my studies Im also learning french. I like to go to the movies, share with my familly and friends, meet new people and exchange experiences and opinions. 

Right now Im counting the days for the trip and Im waiting to meet all the other participants, the snow and the cold weather in Vermont.

See you soon guys!



It's nice to meet you, Eskeila.  You're 19 and already in the 6th semester?  That's quite unusual--you must have started the university early!

Well, the snow is all gone at the moment and it's nice and warm, warm enough for short sleeves and shorts.  However, that won't last.  We have had major snowstorms in late March, so you never know!  See you soon!


Raúl Carrillo 

(La Victoria, Venezuela)

Hi everyone!!


 My name is Raul. I'm a 21 years old Venezuelan guy, currently living in Caracas and studying my fifth and last year of career in Chemical Engineering, at the USB (Universidad Simon Bolívar).



I’m a friendly and social person, kind and intelligent.  I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you, and I’m sure we’re going to have such a good time in Vermont, both fulfilling and fun.



 I can tell you that I really like being in touch with people around the world, and learn about their culture. Traveling is one of my hobbies. I had the opportunity of being in International Exchange Program in Barcelona, Spain, and there I had a spectacular time in a whole year of studying, that changed my life. And I’m sure in Vermont the staying will be as good as in Spain, and more!  I’m very much into sports like baseball and soccer. I would love practice snowboarding in Vermont, if I have the opportunity. In Venezuela I used to practice skateboarding.



 One of my principal hobbies is the Scrabble. I’m a fan and a “professional” player. I’ve participated in the last two World Scrabble Championships in Spanish, representing my country, Venezuela.



So in Vermont you will have a new Venezuelan friend.



Just 5 days and I’m going to meet you guys. Can’t wait!






Raul, you rock!  Thank you for getting the table with the bios, the pictures of current and previous grant students, and my comments back.  You are awesome, and I thank you for taking the time to do this.  You are now appointed our official WIKI MASTER! 


We hope to keep a little bit of snow for you so you can try snowboarding, although we no longer have a program trip to the ski areas at this time.  We do have a skateboard area near Lake Champlain, and the weather will get better to do that.


I'm impressed with your Scrabble skills! 



hi everyone. My name is Romina Macarena Lima, but everybody calls me Romi or Maca. I am from Uruguay. I was born in Paysandú. I´m twenty one years old and I studying to be a Primary teacher. I am very happy person, I like dancing a lot and play basket in my city.

Nice to meet everybody.





Hi everyone I´m Maikel I am from Uruguay I was born in Tacuarembó in a little town call Villa Ansina.I love it! I am 21 years old, today is my birthday. I am very nervous for this new experience and I´ll hope enjoy a lot. I like dance and I love the soccer my favourite team is Peñarol, It´s the best.

Thanks for all, see you soon.


  JANUARY 12 - MARCH 6, 2009: Students from NICARAGUA & PANAMA    
Andrés Rivera Mondragón

I was born in Panama, and I am 22 years old. I live with my father, mother and brother.

I am an honest person with a passion for perfection. I try continuously to learn from every experience I have.

      Some of my hobbies are playing computer games, listening to music, watching television, and going to the movie theater. I like to cook Panamanian food.

      At the moment, I’m an undergraduate student of Pharmacy at the University of Panama.

I like to spend time with my family, to learn about new cultures, and to have new experiences in life to expand my way of thinking and to help me improve my relations with other people.


     I will like to be a bilingual professional to service my country as a graduate pharmacist, helping to produce an impact in the Panamanian health.


Gabriela Gomez Espinoza 

Hello ...

My name is Gabriela, I was born in Managua, but half of my family is from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. I am currently 19 years old, I am the lesser of 7 brothers, 3 men and 3 women.

Follow the third year of Veterinary Medicine at the National Agrarian University (since I am fanatic and defender of animals and their rights), I also study French I’m in the eighth level of the course which I hope to complete successfully. I love music, poetry, art. I am an active member of both the band of the university as a choir.

For my multicultural origins, I appreciate the interaction with people that I can share knowledge and experiences, so I am sure that my stay at Saint Michael's College will be a productive and rewarding experience that will enable me to acquire a little more knowledge which in turn will share with the people of my country. 


Jessica Lopez 


Hello, I am Jessica and I am from Nicaragua. I study Engineering in Telecommunications at Engineering National University in my country. I am 19 years old.I live with my parents and with my two brothers. On my free time, I like to swim and on weekends I am learning to play guitar, It is a little difficult but I try to play, jajaja.

I am very happy because this is the first time that I am going to travel to another country and meet about your culture.

I know, this experience will be wonderful and help me to develop myself.

Thank you. 


David Balmaceda 

Hello Everyone!!! My name is David and I'm from Nicaragua. I live in Granada city with my family. I'm so glad I'm about to experince one of the most important and exciting moments in my life! I'm willling to learn and make new friends too. I study English Teaching at UCA and I'm 20 years old. I like to sing, to dance, to go to movies, and also to experience new things. I love to visit new places, so imagine how I do feel about this new adventure.

See you soon!! 



Saludos Desde Panamá!!!


I study Telecomunication Engineering here in Panama. I'm 22 years old and I live with my mother and my two brothers.

I like to play chess, to sing and participate in many activities... I love to know other cultures and share the experiences that I have with others. I 'm a sociable person and I think  that I  am persevering.

I want to be an excelent profesional and competitive in my career.

I know that this experience will be WONDERFUL for all =)


Take care, see you soon!!! =D 


Noriel Agrazal Contreras 

Hi everyone, I´m from Panama, I´m a preson who enjoy spend good time with friend, meet people and try new food, I love decover new pleces and learn about deferent culture. 

Dayiris W. Barrios M.

Hi!! My name is Dayiris. I´m from Panama and I´m studying Electronic and Telecomunication Engineering. I´m 21 years old and I was born on January 15 so I´ll be in Vermont for this date. :).

I like to meet people, listening to music and my passion is resolving crossworks.My favorite color is orange and I love to dance Panamanian music and Merengue.

In my opinion, I´m a friendly person and I like to teach math to other persons because I love the numbers.

I live with my parents and my brother and I´m glad for sharing this experience with you!!!!

Take care!


Kerstyn De Gracia Barrera 


Hi everyone.....i´m kerstyn from Panama..i study economics at Universidad Autónoma de Chiriquí.....i really like to watch documentaries (so if you have watched  a good one just let me know), i like all type of music, and i enjoy to read and make puzzles.....i´m excited to get to vermont....

see you soon!!!!!


Roberto L. Espino D.



My name is Roberto. I'm from Los Santos, Panama. I'm studying Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at Technological University of Panama. I'm 22 years old.


I'm a very responsible and dedicated person. I always want to do my best. I really like to listening to music, watching movies and television and going out with my friends to visit many places.


I consider that I'm a people person. I hope to learn many things in USA and improve my english and make a lot of new friends.


See you soon




HI blessing for everyone


my name is alfonso and I'm from Colón, Panama. I'm 22 years old.

I'm studying maritime bussiness administration at the University of Panama, Colón Branch. I have one brother and a sister. right now I'm living with my youngest brother and my mother because of my sister is married.


I'm the kind of person who likes to meet new people and also make new friends. I like swimming, write poems and religious topics due to as I always say is very important to have in mind our creator. also I like making crossword and puzzles.


My favorite color is blue and favorite music is gospel music in whatever rythm. I forgot to write besides swimming I like sports.

I'm interested in improve my english vocabulary and with your help I'm sure I'll do it.


well I hope to meet you soon,,


Mario Alaniz       
Jorge Zelaya       






Nestor Díaz

Hi everybody my name is Nestor Diaz I from panama I am 19 years old, I am studying electro-mechanic engineer at Tecnologica University of Panama.

I like watch animes (my favorite is bleach =)), play video games, do exercise. I like the rock music (<3 Linkin Park), I love the pc <3

I very happy whit this program, because I will improve my English and know American`s culture. this is a big door to be a excellent professional and do all my dreams, like solve the energy problem in my country jeje =)

Nice to meet everybody see on Vermont =)










Hi, my name is Leticia Rosa, Im from Uruguay, nawadays i am living in Paso de los Toros, in the centre of Uruguay.I am studying to be a teacher because I have always liked kids.
I am an active person that like doing diferent activities. Im also organised, sensible an cooperative.
I like listening to music, doing gym and dancing.
Looking forward to meeting you personally very soon.





Hello everybody!

I'm Mario JOSEPH. I'm 25. I'm from Haiti. I'm a senior. I'm majoring in Living Languages. I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Big family!  I have been studying English for 3 years at The Teachers Training College commonly called Ecole Normale Superieure, a school of the State University of Haiti. I have been translating for Compassion International for 2 years; this is my part time job. I have also been translating for a group of missionaries coming from Indiana for about 9 months. 


I am an easygoing person. I like spending time with friends, playing ping pong, reading. Regarding my carreer, I'd like to be both a translator and a professor. I will need to come back to the U.S for my degrees.


I am very excited to be here in Vermont, on Saint Michael College campus. I will do my best to take as many advantages as possible from this time I am spending on Saint Michael College. I am delighted to be with people from different countries. That's great!!! 


Let's enjoy, everyone!




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at 5:03 pm on Dec 8, 2008

Hello!!!... I am Jorge Zelaya, I am from Managua,Nicaragua and I am 19 years old. I study Psychology at UNAN-Managua, I like to sing and play the guitar, actually I am a member of a choir. So, I am going to be your friend soon at Saint Michael's College, I hope to become a good friend for you and share this new experience with you guys. By the way, people from my country, I would like to have your E-mails, and I will add you in my MSN Messenger, maybe someday we can chat by conference all the people from Nicaragua and share before travel to Vermont, USA at SMC. If you wish of course, but think one moment, Its a great idea to meet us by MSN messenger before go there, just send me your E-mails to zelayani@hotmail.com, don't worry if you have Yahoo Messenger Service, It works!, so It's up to you!, take care and please have a nice day, don't worry be happy, see you soon my friends, Congratulations we are WINNERS!!!, HUGS!!!

Christine Bauer-Ramazani said

at 6:11 pm on Dec 23, 2008

Nice job of putting your photo in the column on the right, Jenifer! It's nice to know you like to play chess. In fact, I've arranged for a "game night" on a Friday evening while you are here.
See you soon!

Roberto Espino said

at 1:50 pm on Dec 24, 2008

hello!! I am Roberto Espino my other email is snake_25x@hotmail.com, if you have facebook find me with that email

Christine Bauer-Ramazani said

at 2:46 pm on Jan 3, 2009

Dayiris -- we have the same birthday, Jan. 15. It'll be a great day to celebrate with you! See you soon.

Dayiris Barrios said

at 3:06 pm on Jan 3, 2009

That´s great!!! I hope to celebrate our birthday with you and with all my frinds overthere!!!! take care!!!!

Christine Bauer-Ramazani said

at 1:50 pm on Mar 20, 2009

Maikel--happy birthday today!!! See you soon!

Roberto Espino said

at 11:56 pm on Mar 26, 2009

Hi to all the new students. I know that you are going to learn loads of things and make a bunch of new friends there. I'm sure that all of you are going to enjoy your time there. St. Mikes rules!!!

Christine Bauer-Ramazani said

at 9:48 pm on Apr 1, 2009

Roberto, it's so nice to see your welcome here. We were like a family and it's hard not to see you around. What you said is exactly what I told them today, but it's much better coming from a fellow student. Thank you! All the best for your studies. We miss you and still talk about you!

Gabriela Melgar said

at 10:32 pm on Nov 4, 2009


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