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Historic American Cities--Boston

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Video link: Exploring The Freedom Trail, Boston (4 short videos)

Map of the Freedom Trail

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum, Boston

Boston Tea Party Gazette

Boston; http://www.bostonusa.com/


Map of the English Colonies before 1763

Map of the U.S. in 1783 (Treaty of Paris)



Flashcards and practice tests for Boston, Massachusetts: The Birth of a New Nation




Voice of America, Special English series: The Making of a Nation




Essay Questions for Boston, Massachusetts: Birth of a New Nation

Choose one of the questions and copy/paste it to your Summaries/Essay page (click EDIT), under the culture question.  Compose the answer to the question in Word first and then copy and paste it here.  Answer the question in paragraphs.  Use only your notes.  Do not look back at the original until you are finished.  Summarize or paraphrase the original text.  Use transitions or discourse markers (see the Techniques of Sentence Combination handout.) Give a reference to the source text at the end of your answer.

Important note: Do not give your personal opinion or add any information that is not in the source text.


Essay Questions:

  1. Describe the change in the relationship between the mother country and the colonies 1700-1774.  Include major events and dates in your discussion. 
  2. Discuss the major events that led up to the American Revolution.  Include dates in your discussion.


Link to Students' Essays 

link to Essay Questions (types, strategies)

link to Structure of a Paragraph and Checklist for Paragraphs

link to Summary/Essay Question Performance Inventory

link to Techniques of Sentence Combination (discourse markers)


Exercise: Correct the Run-on Sentences 






Click on the link to your page and enter your information there.


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