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IEP Teachers, Staff, Student Assistants - Bios and Pictures

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Dear teachers,


Please write your name here and write a short bio.  Upload a photo of yourself if possible (Images and files, then click the link to the photo where you would like to place it).  You can write comments and interact with any user in this Wiki--IEP students, the Central American students, and other teachers.



Barbara Sargent     
Polly Howlett    
Pat LaRose     

Christina Mager 

IEP Level 4 CORE Christina Mager

Hello students!  I am a teacher in the IEP and have been involved with St. Michaels for many years in varying capacities.  I was an undergraduate student, graduating with a degree in Psychology (a long time ago :-).  After some very boring office experiences not related to my psychology degree, I went back to SMC and graduated from the MATESL program in 1995.  I spent 3 years teaching in Kanazawa, Japan.  I have taught students from all nationalities and backgrounds for many years in the States while raising my 2 children.  I love to learn about your countries, cultures and traditions. Watching students grow and learn while at St. Michael's College is truly fulfilling for me.  For me, being an English teacher is so much more than just teaching English.  I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of your learning process.    
Linda Wolfish  Hi new students!  I am so excited to meet you all.  I will be teaching Oral Skills and Special Topics this coming term.  I live in Williston, just outside of Burlington and about 15 minutes from Saint Michael's College.  I am married - my husbsnd's name is Rick -  and I have a daughter named Diana who is 17.  I also have a dog named Mindy!  I grew up in San Jose and San Francisco, California, and  I also lived in Miami, Florida for several years, so I speak Spanish pretty well.  I also speak a little French.  I have lived in Vermont for 16 years, and I just love it !  I know you will, too. It is a spectacularly beautiful state with very friendly people.  Saint Michael's College is a jewel of a college; I am sure you will find many new friends and gain valuable experiences, along with learning and/or improving English!  I love to travel and have visited many countries.  Unfortunately, i haven't had the pleasure of visiting Central or South America YET, but I want to very much, and plan to, someday soon.  I have been to many parts of Mexico, and studied there for one summer when I was in college, so I have some knowledge of Latin American culture, although I know that each Latin American country is very unique.  My father has traveled to both Nicaragua and Panama, and was so impressed by them both for their wonderfully friendly people and their geographic loveliness.  Please feel free to email me on this Wiki or my email at home - lwolfish@verizon.net.  I would like so much to hear from you, and I look forward to meeting you SOON!!!  
Pat Hoffmann     
Sally Cummings     
Elizabeth O'Dowd     
Rick Gamache     
Wendy Uncles 

Hi Everyone!  I'm Wendy, one of your instructors.  I've been a part of the St. Michael's staff since August, 2001, when I moved to Vermont from Alberta, Canada!  I've also lived in Connecticut, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Maryland, California and Singapore.  You are going to love Vermont, no matter what the season!  In the winter it is cold, yes, but the snow is amazing, especially if you are from tropical places, and everyone without exception has really loved learning to ski, skate and snowboard (even though the next morning can be a little sore -- it passes!).  The spring is beautiful.   Seeing the world come alive with flowers and the wonderful shades of green ... unreal!  Summer is too short with so much to do, especially if you love doing things outdoors.  And the colors of fall are nothing more than spectacular!


I've been teaching English to people from all around the world for many years.  I love what I do!  I also love to travel, bunnies (I collect them, not real ones, but toys and things), the color green, taking pictures, and lots of other things.  In my spare time I make attempts at watercolor painting, pastel drawing, stained glass, needlework, knitting, reading a good book ... trouble is, there is never enough spare time! I'm married.  My husband's name is Towney (short for Townsend).  He is a pilot. We don't have any kids or pets (just one plant, a cactus that thrives on being ignored).  We live in Williston, too.


I'm really looking forward to meeting each and every one of you, and hope that you will be in my class!


And sorry I don't have a picture right now!  I'm usually on the other side (the back side) of the camera!  :-) 

Daniel W. Evans 

Hi!  I'm Dan, the Director of English Languge Programs at Saint Michael's College.  I want to welcome all the students--both new ones as well as some continuing students--to our Intensive English Program.  I hope you have a great time here in Vermont, make many new friends, improve your English skills, and learn about life and culture in North America. 


The cold weather may be a new experience for many of you.  I don't like it because I can't enjoy one of my favorite activities:  fishing on Lake Champlain, as you can see from my picture.  But there are a lot of fun things to do here in the winter such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and just enjoying the snow-covered scenery.  Enjoy it while you are here.

Jacqui Samale    
Kellie B. Campbell  I am the Manager of the Language Learning Resource Center here at Saint Michael's College.  I was born and raised in Northern Vermont and I now live here in Williston.  I enjoy exercising, playing sports, going to the movies, and spending time with my family and friends.  I am interested in technology and I love speaking french!   
Sean R. Dailey Hello! I am an instructor in the English Language Programs here at Saint Michael's College. I was born in New York, but have lived in France, Morocco, and Vermont! I love spending time working on my house in South Burlington and doing new things with my wonderful family and friends. I have a passion for language learning that developed during a cultural exchange in France. I bring humor, innovation, and student-centered learning methods with me into all of my classes. I look forward to working with students from every background and learning all that I can about culture and language.

Christine Bauer-Ramazani

UIELSP Grant Coordinator

You can read about my background, education, interests, and family on the About Me page. 






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