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Journal Page

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Assignment #1: What do you know about the U.S.?  Write two paragraphs about customs, academic life, family, values, politics, or religion.  Write in the space next to your name. 

Suggestion: Write in Word first, run the spell-checker, then copy and paste into the Wiki space.


Name Journal entry #1:
What do you know about U.S. academic culture?  Write two paragraphs.
Heysell Acevedo    
Noriel Agrazal



Academics Culture



Colleges in USA are different from the universities that you can find in Panama.  This difference starts in the classroom.           The chairs hire are more comfortable than the chair that the university provide us there.  Another aspect that surprise me was the smart board because it make the class funny, and modern and it is something that there does not exist there.



The professor make the difference.   They are always punctual (on time) and it make that the student also try to be on time into the classroom.   Panama some professors do not try to do it. On other hand also is important to mention the way that the teacher plans their classes and how they teach.

I like this kind of class because the student really learns to speak English, and that are one of the things that I like that I could improve my English skills.




Mario Alaniz



At first sight, it is not possible to understand American culture, but when one is wrapped up into it, many different things clear up. It is very important to know that American people come from British race, and their attitude of keeping working hard is a heritage of the European. When the British colonized this land, they did not think twice in producing in this part of the continent. After many years, United Stated of America has acquired some cultural tips from other cultures, but keeping a patriotism feeling. 


Nowadays, this country is housing/receiving many people around the world. American people are very ordered keeping many codes of conduct: by driving, in bus, on walk side and other aspects. But above all, it is very interesting how they are organized.

A very interesting distinction, Mario--looking at a culture from the outside versus being wrapped up in it (or immersed in it).  You are impressed by the orderliness of things--in the academic area, too?
Dayiris Barrios

American people have different Academic Culture than Panamanian people. For example in Panama there are not residential universities, Panamanian people have to travel everyday at the university. I consider that is better to live in residential universities because the persons have more time for doing their homework and sharing with others. Here, the university is integral because people are studying their carriers but in the same time people are doing cultural activities like sports, and so forth.

Here the technology is more advanced than Panama, this issue is so important because the education is interconnected with the technology. For example, the classrooms here at St. Michael’s College have different technologies tools like the Smart Board, television and computer. In Panama the academic schedule is totally different because people are in vacations in this time.  


Good job pointing out the differences, Dayiris.  
Remember the use of the prepositions to, at, on ---

travel to the university

be at the university

on vacation

at this time 

Bara Battah    
Jenifer Camano

            In United States, the education is more rigorous and teachers are more demanding. Also, they are very concerned about the student’s development to be adequately to face life, to improve their study habits and encourage them to persevere in every subject that they take.

     The short time that I could be here, I notice the marked difference between the two systems of education, Panama and the U.S. For Example,  here are college dormitories, and there are more facilities for students to carry out their assignments. American education is better organized, and this is reflected in the performance of students once they are living and working in the field professionally.
You write quite fluently, Jenifer, and make some good observations.  Give more specifics, please.  In what way is American education better organized and how is this reflected in student performance?  . 
Raquel Castillo    
Nestor Diaz

American Academic Culture

Americans always think of education.  For that reason, they have a great education system with the latest technology and fantastic education skills.

            They use this powerful education skill to take notes in class.  They have especial formats: main idea, support idea and examples.  These elements make easy studying beside they have many symbols to abbreviate words; they drop vowels or write only the first or the last later.

            In USA professors and students are friends; we can call teachers by their first name.  If you don’t understand something you can go to their office, in office hour to clarify. They always are up to date; they use data shows, smart boards and other multimedia devices to get more attention from their students. 





Very good specifics, Nestor.  

What are data shows? 

Mirta Garcia

     Academic Culture in the United States is very different from Nicaragua. Here students had an integral education, they receive many classes sush as art, physical education, music and a foreign language when they are at the high scool. Also professors use many technological resources ; it is very positive for the students we can learn many things because classes are more dinamic and professor have more educative material for their students.

    Other interesting thing for me about Academic Culture is  the name that students receive at the College like: fresman, sophmore, junior and senior. I have learned many things about american culture. Professor always help to students when they have some question about his/her class. They have time to attend them. I consider that education in the United States is very good.  

Good use of specifics, Mirta, to support (explain) your assertion.  Personal attention to students' learning is something that distinguishes Saint Michael's College from many other colleges and universities. 
Emily Gill

     I have learned some things about American Academic Culture; for example the professors have different methods for teaching, they prefer that the students call her or him for her or his first name.  The students can live in the dorm from the university and here the students have many facilities, they have gym, library, cafeteria, and others.

    American people do not like to talk about politic and religion because they consider that it is impolite.  The student need to be on time in all the classes and if one of them can not go to any class, he or she have to call to her or his teacher and explain why he or she can not go to the class and in this way the professor can consider him or her if all the student must hang in an assignment.

Good observations, Emily, and different from the others.  I think you mean "hand in" an assignment.  :-) 
Jose Maes

    I really like the academic system of the United States, I think that the professors concern about the integral knowledge and grades of all the students, and built a close relationship with them to create an ambient of confidence, security and support for their lives.


     In my experience at Saint Michael’s College I can feel the benefits of this integral Knowledge because I studied at the IEP program, but I was assist to some many activities include an exciting conferences to know more about the American culture.      
As I mentioned in my comment to Emily, Saint Michael's College distinguishes itself from other colleges through the close relationship between students and faculty.  This does, indeed, create an atmosphere of confidence and security among the students.
Jessica Rodriguez

U.S academic culture 

     When I came here, I did not have any idea how important is academic education.  American people have different and dynamics systems to teach from others, and the most important thing is that they have access to technology therefore this help students to do easier their homework and have a better comprehension in their classes.

     Furthermore professors have a high level of studies and they always give us work to do at home and practice by ourselves, which is a really good technique that we have to put in practice in our countries.  Also in this country has a different grading scale because they use letters from A to F, and in other countries use numbers from 0 to 100.

Good observation of differences, Jessica.  By giving homework or out-of-class practice, teachers believe that they can reinforce the concepts taught in class.  This leads to better learning. 


EXTRA CREDIT:  Reaction to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Name:  Jose Antonio Maes


Reaction: From the beginning of the speech I felt very identify with Mr. King, he remember me the reasons of why I studied at the law school and complete a master of human rights.  The speech reconnect me with the roots of the human being and motivate me to keep on fight for the equal rights and justice for all the people, to erase the discrimination and making the peace wherever I am. 

Comment (CBR):  What a powerful speech!  I'm glad it reminded you and reconnected you with the purpose of our existence as human beings.


Name: Dayiris W. Barrios.

Reaction: " I have a dream" by Martin Luther King.

I had heard about Martin Luther King, but I had never his speech “I have a dream”. In my opinion, Martin Luther King motivated the live of many people, specifically, black people here in The United States because he helped to this people to fight for their rights. I felt motivated for him after heard the speech and for knowing that he had the same birthday than me. He was killed for a white man, but this death has inspired to a lot of people to dream and can get equal rights for everyone. Nowadays, people can be happy because one black man, since tomorrow, will be the President of the United States, the nation that had a man that had a dream: can see black and white people sharing together.

Comment (CBR): Very good, Dayiris.  He definitely brought happiness to many people.


Name: Nestor Diaz


Martin Luter king is a model to follow. He fought for the freedom of the pressed people; he fought every moment for his dream. He is an example of determination and resistance. When we have dreams we can do amazing things like him. I think that the human race have a strange nature. Sometimes we are bad and only think in ourselves, we only see the physical part of the life, but inside of that armor we have a soft skin with feelings. Many people can destroy that hard armor and release the good face of the human race one of this people was Martin Luter King. He released the true American spirit. United people in an United Country.

Comment (CBR): What a powerful reaction, Nestor.  He definitely freed the oppressed and helped us elect a black man as president.

Name: Jenifer Camano 


     It is amazing how the ideals of a person as the person of Martin Luther King, you can move the masses of people to follow the same objective. This objective, which is common to all the black community even then, some white people.


     I have a dream, is a reflection of the condition of the participants who were residents of the United States. A marked difference in skin color took them to commit impure acts and that in many cases, remained unpunished as if they were people of color do not feel, like extraterrestrials, do not think they have no right to exist, have no dignity.


     In my opinion, Martin Luther King is a model of consistency and unquestionable loyalty to their ideals.

Comment (CBR): "A model of ... unquestionable loyalty to their ideals" -- a very powerful phrase, and I agree, Jenifer! 


Name: Emily Gill

Martin Luther King


He was a man who fought for equality between blacks and whites not only in education but an equal at all.


Martin Luther King fought for freedom and the elimination of the slavery.  He wanted to eliminate the discrimination that exists in relation to black people.  He believed in a society where all have equal rights.

Comment (CBR): Good reaction, Emily.  Nicely written.


Noriel Agrazal:

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther was born in January 15, 1929 and death in April 4, 1968 , while his life he was a person who get several degrees and also he got acted as a Co Pastor, later he got married with a Mexican girl call Coretta Scott with got two son and two girls.

In his speech I HAVE A DREAM he express alls his felling and the main aspect his DREAM, he just want the equal right to everybody , that the people no refuse the black people, it was his dream, get that white people have the same opportunity than the blacks.

USA is happening for a new experience, to have a black Government , because is the first time that a black man become a president and maybe that could be the dream of Martin Luther King see a black man as a president of the Unites States of America.  

Comment (CBR): I'm sure that was part of his dream, Noriel, but it seemed quite impossible 45 years ago, didn't it?


Name: Jessica Lopez Rodriguez 

Martin Luther King


     Martin Luther King was a great man, actually I did not know a lot about him. The speech of Martin Luther King was amazing because he is one of the few men who fight for human rights. Furthermore He wanted that blacks and white people lived together with the same rights and freedom because everybody is equal.

I think that this the most exciting speech because he wanted to change the world and have a better life style.

Comment (CBR): I agree, Jessica.  Another powerful man with powerful speeches was Gandhi.  You should watch the movie "Gandhi" if you can.  Amazing.


Name: Mirta Alvarez

Martin Luther king. 



      I liked  it to know about Martin's ideal because is an excellent example for everybody. He wished a world when every people had equal rights and everybody felt like a big family. I think that  his dream has became in reality because there is not more discrimination social,  religiuos ,and political. Freedom is other issues very important that Martin wished for Black people. Everybody should share Martin's dream and live like Sisters and brothers.   

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raquel del pilar castillo diaz said

at 10:22 pm on Jan 18, 2009

hi Cristine this is my homework see you tuesday, take care

Academic Skills
January 20th, 2009
Raquel del Pilar Castillo Diaz

USA Academic Culture

American professors have different ways of teaching than other countries in the world. Professors use different strategies of teaching. They use smart board to teach different topics in the class. They try to get the students attention and motivate in the beginning, middle and end of the class. American professors like their students to participate in class so they give a lot of homework to keep the knowledge of the course material.
American students have different ways of studying. To get good grades, they have to read a lot of books, write many essays and have homework everyday. The students have to study everyday to remember what they learned in class. Everyday, the teachers evaluate how much the students have learned in the class.

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