Quotes from UIELSP Grant Students from Central America, October 23 - December 18, 2009

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My experience at SMC

When I arrived at SMC I didn’t know how much I was going to like it. You will be fascinating by it, not only for the place but for the people that you meet. I met friends I will never forget. Experience things in life totally knew for me, for example: SNOW (and let me tell you that it’s beautiful). SMC leaves a print in your life since the moment you get here, and you have to leave a print here as well. J

Maria Jose Galvez (Honduras)

Marlyn Martinez



Oh my God!!! It has been a great experience to be here at Saint Michael's College. I have met so many people, and made new friends.  It is a total different thing from what I was used to in Guatemala, I think I learned a lot here. I would dare to say it is a life changing experience. You don’t come here just to improve your English, but to grow as a person too. Wow!!!!!!! I will never forget Saint Mike’s or any of my friends there!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!!!! Blessings to you all!!!!! Muuuuuuuuuua!!!!!!!!  ;) SMILE

I had a dream and it was like this…I have lived one of the most amazing experiences with these people, at Saint Michael College, at Vermont.

This is like taking a second wind and start again. This is like a deep breath. 

Armando Romero, Honduras


Being in Saint Michael’s College was the best experience of my life. I improve my English 100%, but not only that… I met the most amazing people from all countries and I consider that they are more than friends for me, they had become part of my family. I hope I’ll be the same for you! It’s not only to come here and study, it’s also to exchange our cultures, to learn about other countries and give them back a little bit of your culture.

                                                                                                Maria Gabriela Brenes

Saint Michael's College, here I met a lot of new friends for eight week. We laugh, we danced, we shared our life, and even cried, but the most important we became a family. This experienced change completely my life. I’m not the same person who arrived here. I’m totally different. I’m just want to say thank you guys, thank you SMC staff for everything. I love you. I’ll remember you, and I’ll miss you the rest of my life.

Erick Sobalbarro

Heidy Diaz


Wow!!!... Saint Michael's College for me is a place that allowed me to grow in all the senses. There, not only I learned about English (a really important aspect in my life), I learned to have really good relationships with friends from  other countries, and this gave me life experience that I will never forget because it gave me happiness and beautiful memories that I will keep all my life. Thanks God!! Because… Wow!!!! It was amazing......

Dimara Santamaria Bonilla Panama

My experience at Saint Michael’s College has been unforgettable, educational and enjoyable because there I met many friends who will be always in my heart. Saint Michael's College has changed my life in many ways, I have improved my English skills and I have learned the real meaning of friendship. I will keep this experience for all my life. Enjoy every minute at SMC because it will be a time that you will share with your family and friends when you come back. I love Saint Michael's College.

This program has been changed my life. I didn't hope this. Here I improve my English, and meet wonderful friends. In this moment I can say this program has been the most beautiful experience of all my life. Saint Michael's College gave me unforgettable moments in my life. I will never forget the classes, the kind teachers, my classmates, and all the beautiful people that I knew in Vermont.  They always will be in my heart. I fell more than happy. I am sure that the entire friend whose I meet in Saint Michael's College will be continues being my friends. Thank God for this experience.

Clara Gonzalez


Maria Laura Monge Solano, Costa Rica

I just want to say that I don’t know how to explain how wonderful this experience was, but I will say that it really changed my life forever. I really enjoyed every second that I spent here, and all the people that I met. It’s just unforgettable. I will never forget my friends. Saint Michael's College is the best place to have this invaluable educational experience. I will miss them a lot!!!!!!!!

My experience in Saint Michael's College

I had good moments here. My life changed because this program it’s not only to study and learn, but you grow as a person too. It’s an unforgettable experience. I will never forget all my memories in Saint Michael's College. Thank you for everything.

Sofia De Leon

What an amazing experience in Vermont!!!  Every day is an unforgettable one. Since the very beginning you wake up till the bed time is wonderful. You have no idea how this has changed my mind and life. This is not only an English program which helps me with my English skills but also is a good way of meeting new friends. I met fantastic people here that I will never forget (my lovely Grant-peers and international friends). I do love them and I love SMC, too; and I am pretty sure you will do it as well.

Jaquelin Elena Flores  J

In St. Michael’s College we not only study English, but also we make a wonderful family. Newcomers, you are going to improve your English by far, I assure you; but the most important learning is that you are going to make strong relationship with the faculty and the other students. Be free to open your minds and your feelings towards this experience, give your heart and you are going to receive much more than you could give to this people.

I would like to be reading this and repeat my experience in St. Mike’s.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to write me to the following e-mail brian_melendez@hotmail.com

Brian U. Melendez

El Salvador

My heart has found a place where friendship and happiness join. A place my heart will never forget, but unfortunately the time to said goodbye had arrived. I thanks to God who allowed me being at this program because it had change a lot of me and I know I had made a lot of progress and the best of all is the every person I met has take a little part of me. I know I am living but part of my heart will always remain at St. Michael’s College, Vermont.





New grant students,

            You should get prepared to experience one of the most valuable experiences of your life. During the last 8 weeks, I met unique people from Central America and from the States. I highly recommend you to come with a positive attitude in order to enjoy this cold weather. The faster you begin to enjoy the snow, the faster you fall in love with this place. Something invaluable is the friends that you’ll meet here, because in my case I’ll never forget this guys.


  • Bring the fewer cloth
  • Think how to spend the money they’ll bring you
  • Try to travel around with the host family
  • Rest before the first day of classes
  • Bring traditional things for your country
  • Work in a power point presentation about your country, you have much time
  • Have parties this is not just studying, this is also a cultural interchange.

Mauro Duran Lopez, Costa Rica

Chahim Anayte Cu Ical

I’m from Guatemala, my experience in Saint Michael's College so was fun!! I made friends from different countries whom changing my life. Is  a experience when you can interact and sharing with the professors and the classmate and the same time you can learning more about others cultures and learning English...  i missing my friends!!

Juan Carlos Caldera Palma

This English program changed my life. I met many people from different countries, and also I improve my English. I participated in all the activities; because of this, I felt that these two months passed too fast. I wish I’ll have the opportunity to come back some day. I realized that I never thought this experience was going to be so great. I write the next lines to the reader. “If you are thinking to come to SMC in January, you should be prepared to feel a very cold weather. On the other hand, I’m quite sure that you will enjoy the beauty of snow.” 

“To go to Saint Michael's College was the best experience I have had in my life so far. I enjoyed every single moment to keep them in my memory forever. I will never forget all my friends I met in Saint Michael's College. I’m so thankful with the people that I met in that beautiful place. I have learned a lot of useful tools which are going to help me along all my life. Thank God for everything.”

                                    Gabriela Ester Melgar Echeverria, El Salvador

There are no words to express what I feel about my having been here at Saint Michael’s College. Dare I to say that it was, has been, is, and will be the most wonderful unforgettable experience in my life.

It is amazing to see how I was welcomed by those lovely teachers from Saint Michael’s. They treated me as if I had been their students for a long time; they gave warm to me through the perfect gift a professor can give his or her students; it was a little bit of their knowledge. I did really enjoy being here at this college because I met many wonderful people who became my friends. We all had lots of laughing, smiles, experiences. We kept so closed all the time that not seeing them is not good. Also, I met U.S citizens who shared good moments with me. They were very respectful, helpful, and friendly at me.

The cultural interchange was one of the most special aspects I am not going to forget; Students from Japan, Korea, Peru, Spain Venezuela, and from my America (Central America), and students from many states of the USA.  I remember one of the many times I helped some of them with their Spanish assignments, and I was helped by them, especially when I needed to find some vocabulary.

In Alliot cafeteria things were not good in terms of the food; most of the time I had to pick up the pizza and orange juice. Even though it was not good, I will miss it. Something I liked from it was that respect prevails among students as I talked to them. And something funny from there was that when somebody dropped a glass, the rest of the folks threw their glasses over the floor intentionally.

Pontigny hall was like my house. I enjoyed it a lot because it was where mostly spent my time doing my homework, talking with my friends. It seems that every part of this building was made to make me feel comfortable. In my suite 305E I met nice native speakers who offered helping me with whatever I needed. How to forget Jake, Christiana, Mike, John, and Hiro from Asia! 

I went to some places which I never thought I would visit them. There I tried to do new things like ice skating, bowling, etc. wherever I was, I was learning English. Whoever I met, I am going to keep them in my mind and heart forever.

My host family was so wonderful that I thought they were mine very family. Angela Irvine and her husband Erick with their two children were kind at me. They took me to different places; I had the honor of being in their house. They cooked Gallo pinto in my honor.

If I had to write all the beautiful moments I spent At Saint Michael’s College, more than one hundred clocks would tick intensively.

Stilwell Andres Arauz Sequeira

Managua, Nicaragua

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